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Issue 241:

Maybe Later

Oct 3, 2011

Things have been nuts over here. Our rooms still aren't done which means Greg and I are still sleeping on the couches in the living room, while our stuff is in a giant heap in the dining room. The contractors show up... whenever. You guys are being supportive in so many ways though, and it really does make all of this suck less:-) It gets easy to feel alone when stuff like this happens, but I've been hearing from so many of you. You rock! <3 Emily

Issue 242:


Oct 24, 2011

First off, I'd like to wish a happy birthday to Jennifer! She's super awesome, talented, and she works her butt off to keep this comic going:-D It wouldn't be anywhere near as awesome without her.

This week we have a guest comic from some of the folks over at "Dead Future," which is most excellent if you have a hankering for zombies, or you know... brains! I got a huge kick out of it:-D Daniel Palmer did the writing, penciling, and background inking, and Martin Brandt did editing, inking and lettering. They wanted me to let you know that their artwork is a bit different from this, but I recommend that you check it out yourself!


P.S. I'm sorry for the lack of updates. We're working on top secret things over here. As it turns out, top secret things are hard, and take a bunch of time O.o